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Demon-fx BE-ODX PLUS guitar drive pedal

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Tone of the legendary Friedman BE-100

This "BE" dual overdrive pedal captures the tone of the now legendary Friedman BE-100 amplifier, which has graced the stages of world class musicians the world over. The original Freedman BE-ODX single channel pedal took the industry by storm. Tens of thousands of pedals sold worldwide and it's still going strong! This new BE-ODX Deluxe pedal employs the exact same circuit but adds another channel and dual midrange controls.The top row (Channel 1) is identical to the original BE-ODX pedal while Dave voiced the bottom row (Channel 2) with slightly lower gain. Dual "BE" channels in your arsenal allow you to perfectly set both your rhythm and lead sounds. The BE-ODX Deluxe delivers authentic tube amplifier sound with the controls needed to shape your tone. Controls include: 3 position tight switch, volume, gain, bass, middle, treble and presence knobs. These responsive controls will take you from mild overdrives to straight up gain nirvana.The Friedman BE-OD Deluxe pedal is based on the overdrive sound of the Friedman BE-100 amplifier. This is the dual channel version of the world renowned BE-OD pedal, with separate EQ-controls for both channels, now with middle-control as well.Channel one has the same BE-OD sound we know and love and channel two has a lower gain range, perfect for that rhythm sound.

controls and voicing

Two buttons, 12 knobs and 2 Tight keys .
The functions of the knobs are all the same. It's just that the gain of
the lower group is smaller than the upper one.
Vol: Sets output volume level.
Gain: Sets the amount of gain.
Bass, Mid, Treble and Pres: Tone controls for the pedal.
Tight: Adjusts low frequencies. Three position switch.

Back cover option

There are two groups of almost the same tone. There are two sets of gain
adjustment precision potentiometers. These two potentiometers are
convenient for the brothers to adjust their style. Brothers can set and
adjust the adjustable potentiometers to satisfy themselves according to
the style they need.
If the potentiometers in the circuit board are adjusted to the same
position: the upper gain is slightly larger than the lower gain, which
is also the design concept! ! ! Their philosophy is the same.
Distortion (that is, gain). 3-bit mode playback: (The playback here is
three different granular modes, which can also be considered as three
subtle mode adjustments. Push to the top: the sound is a little thin;
push to the middle: the sound is thick; push to the bottom: the sound
belongs to the middle layer Sound quality. I feel this way, but brothers
can experience it by themselves)
The positive bypass is the button on the lower right corner to control
the opening and closing. The button on the left selects the upper or
lower group.
Open the back cover, first determine the gain you need, then adjust the
gain on our panel to get the style you need. And the upper group can be
used for rhythm, and the lower group can be used for solo, or overdrive
string brushing, etc. This needs brothers to set according to their own
wishes. There is no need for two distortion sources to step on each
other, the constant or the series of troubles caused by the adjustment
of the rhythm or the re-adjustment of the lead, etc.

The pedal operates on 9 V with the option to operate with 18 V for

higher headroom with the included voltage doubler split cable.

Demon-FX Effects

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