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Headrush MX5 Amp Modeling Guitar Effect Processor

Guitar Amp Modeling/Multi-effects Processor with 4inch Touch Display, 3 Footswitches, 46 Amp Models, 15 Cabinets, and 63 Effects
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Pint-sized Powerhouse Processor with Limitless Sonic Options

By combining stellar-sounding amp models and cabs with an impressive collection of pedals and effects, the Headrush MX5 Amp Modeling Guitar Effect Processor gives you the functionality of a fully stocked rig with grab-and-go convenience. The MX5 is loaded with an optimized quad-core processor, with a wide variety of vintage and modern gear options at your disposal to create custom rigs. Its 4-inch touchscreen is bright and easy to navigate, making it a breeze to swap out models and switch between presets. When you're ready to hit the stage or use it in the studio, the MX5's I/O options supply you with all the connections needed to showcase your sound, doubling as an audio interface when used with a computer. Throw in expert-level additions like a dedicated onboard looper, an assignable expression pedal, and a global EQ, and the Headrush MX5 Amp Modeling Guitar Effect Processor bottles convenience and quality at a steal of a price.

Crystal-clear 4-inch touchscreen

Headrush boards and processors are known for their accessibility, and for good reason — their user-friendly designs ensure that players of all skill levels can quickly find and design studio-grade sounds with only a few presses. To achieve just that, the MX5 is outfitted with a highly responsive 4-inch touchscreen. Taps, swipes, and drags are pulled off with zero latency, letting you adjust tones in real time. This is an exciting feature for many gigging guitarists at Ragtime, which is made even better with an ultra-bright HD display that shines clearly on even the darkest stages.
Headrush MX5 Amp Modeling Guitar Effect Processor
Headrush MX5 Amp Modeling Guitar Effect Processor

Mix and match amps and effects to tonal perfection

With 46 amplifiers, 15 cabs, 10 mic emulations, 300 IRs, and 63 professional-quality effects on board, the MX5 conjures seemingly endless sounds and textures pulled from beloved vintage and modern gear. By using the 4-inch touch display, crafting your own rigs is accomplished in seconds — just drag and drop amps and effects to your heart's content to nail whatever sound you seek, then save your rig as part of a Setlist for instant recall whenever you need it. Best of all, Headrush's consistent updates ensure new models will be added all of the time, with options for loading your own third-party IRs via USB to Mac or PC

Built-in looper for practice and performance settings

The MX5's built-in advanced looper handles up to 20 minutes of layered audio, with a maximum length of five minutes per loop to ensure it's perfectly suited to any playing situation. Singer/songwriters who frequent coffee shops and small venues will appreciate the looper's compatibility with MP3 and WAV files, allowing you to load in backing tracks or save your own loops for future projects and performances.
Headrush MX5 Amp Modeling Guitar Effect Processor
Headrush MX5 Amp Modeling Guitar Effect Processor

Extensive I/O for ample connectivity options

Headrush outfitted the MX5 with connectivity options that seamlessly integrate into any guitar setup. Labeled Guitar In and Right/Left output jacks let you connect your instrument and amps to the MX5 just like any other pedal or processor, with a built-in effects loop to throw external pedals into the signal chain at any point you choose. A 1/4-inch expression input lets you use your favorite expression pedals. You also get 1/8-inch headphone and aux jacks, as well as a pair of 1/8-inch-to-MIDI adapters for added functionality.

Ultra-portable amp and effects processor with 4-inch touchscreen

Zero-latency touchscreen responds to taps, swipes, and drags

Ultra-bright HD display ensures you know exactly which rig you're running

Weighs only 3.5 lbs.; fits comfortably in backpacks and bags of all kinds

Comes stock with 46 amps, 15 cabinets, 10 mic emulations, 300 impulse responses, and 63 effects

Drag-and-drop models to craft your own rigs; cycle through a wide variety of presets to get started

Load your own third-party IRs with a Mac or PC over USB

3 footswitches toggle models and Scenes, swap Setlists, and more

Hands-free mode lets you choose and tweak amps and effects with your feet

Scenes mode lets you swap entire rigs on the fly

Gapless preset switching allows reverb and delay tails to continue after switching presets

Built-in looper layers up to 20 minutes of loops with 5 minutes for each layer

Can load in MP3 and WAV files for backtracks; save your own audio files for future projects and performances

Doubles as a 24-bit/96kHz audio interface when connected to a computer

Reamp mode colors audio files with MX5's amps and effects, and records them back to your DAW

Assignable expression pedal with Classic and Advanced Modes

Global EQ caters your sound to venues and spaces of all kinds

Extensive I/O options ensure compatibility with a wide variety of rigs

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