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Behringer ADA8200

Behringer ADA8200 8-channel Microphone Preamp
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High Performance Mic Pre with Clean A/D Conversion

When it comes to affordable studio solutions, the Behringer ADA8200 microphone preamplifier and A/D converter has the right tools for the job. Based on the best-selling ADA8000, the ADA8200 combines the best of its predecessor while offering significant upgrades under the hood. Among the upgrades on the Behringer Ultragain Digital ADA8200 are eight MIDAS-designed mic preamps feeding into Cirrus Logic converters, keeping your sound clean and clear through the entire signal path. Get classic sound and solid A/D conversion for your studio with the Behringer ADA8200!

Eight MIDAS-designed mic pres for incredible sound

A good mic pre is an essential piece of gear in any signal path, and the Behringer ADA8200 is loaded with eight front-panel preamps designed by MIDAS. Plus, you can use the ADAT output to feed these MIDAS-designed pres into your main audio interface to expand your current system by eight channels.

Improved A/D conversion

Not only is the ADA8200 a formidable 8-channel mic pre, it serves dual purpose as a solid A/D converter. The ADA8200 features the same design as the popular ADA8000, but Behringer infused the upgraded ADA8200 with incredible reference-class Cirrus Logic converters to keep your tone intact. You'll love the sound of the ADA8200, and with this kind of dual functionality, the ADA8200 is ideal for home and project studios where you need maximum versatility from your gear.

Flexible Sample Rate and Clocking

The ADA8200 gives you the choice of converting at 44.1kHz or 48kHz for compatibility with most digital gear. You can also use the ADA8200 as your studio's master clock, or you can sync to ADAT or Word Clock from an external clock.

preamp Type: Solid State

Number of Channels: 8

Phantom Power: Yes

Sample Rate: 44.1/48kHz

Bit Depth: 24-bit

Analog Inputs: 8 x XLR, 8 x 1/4" TRS

Analog Outputs: 8 x XLR

Digital Inputs: 1 x Optical Toslink (ADAT)

Digital Outputs: 1 x Optical Toslink (ADAT)

Clock I/O: 1 x BNC (word clock/ADAT clock in)

Rack Spaces: 1U

Power Source: Standard IEC AC cable

Height: 1.75"

Depth: 8.5"

Width: 19"

Weight: 4.6 lbs.

Manufacturer Part Number: 000-ATL02-00010

Behringer Mic Preamp Studio

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