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SPL Track One

Quick Overview

Channel Strip with Mic/Instrument Preamp, De-Esser, Compressor/Limiter, 3-band EQ, and Output Metering

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This Channel Strip Can Sound Huge

Count on the SPL Track One when you need a versatile channel strip for a wide variety of microphones and instruments.

SPL Track One Channel Strip at a Glance:

  • Capture better vocals with the built-in De-Esser
  • Your solution for fast, high-quality recordings
  • Combine two for stereo operation

Capture better vocals with the built-in De-Esser

The SPL De-Esser is considered an essential tool in countless studios, and it's built right in to the SPL Track One channel strip. It's known for removing harsh sibilance from vocalists in a natural, musical way, serving up transparent results even at extreme settings. One thing we love about the SPL De-Esser here at Sweetwater is its automatic threshold-adjusting function. It basically compensates for a singer's varying distance from the mic, applying de-essing even with the signal is lower, so that compressing afterwards doesn't bring lower sibilants back up in level.

Your solution for fast, high-quality recordings

We talk to a lot of musicians at Sweetwater that need to be able to produce professional recordings fast - guitarists and bassists for hire, engineers making radio spots, the list goes on. The beauty of the SPL Track One channel strip is that it's amazingly fast to dial in a great sound with virtually any source. The built-in processing is perfect for adding that extra studio polish without having to patch in external processors or bounce audio through plug-ins.

Combine two for stereo operation

For maximum flexibility in your studio, get two SPL Track One channel strips and link them for stereo compression. You'll be able to record beautifully wide stereo tracks, and get true stereo compression with just one set of controls. Best of all the EQs will still be independent, so you can fine tune the stereo image simply by using slightly different EQ settings on each side.

SPL Track One Channel Strip Features:

  • Channel strip for microphones and electric instruments
  • Transparent mic preamp with up to 65dB of gain
  • De-Esser tames sibilance and harshness with natural-sounding results
  • Optimize your dynamic range with the compressor/limiter for easier placement during mixdown
  • Sweeten your sound with the 3-band EQ

Expect stellar results with the SPL Track One in your

Additional Information

Outboard type Compressor, D-esser, Equalizer, Limiter, MIc preamp
Analog I/O 1 1/4" IN, 1 1/4" OUT, 1 XLR OUT, 10 XLR IN
Top features 20db padding, DI-box, Tube lamps
Brands SpL

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