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SPL iron compressor

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Mastering Tube Compressor/Limiter with 3 Tube Bias Modes, 6 Rectifier Circuits, Sidechain EQ, and 2 Passive EQ Modes

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A Tube Compressor Any Mastering Engineer Can Respect

The SPL Iron mastering compressor has the kind of sonic flexibility and outstanding sound quality that world-class mastering engineers need. Based on your input gain settings and which of the six rectifier circuits you select, you can dial in everything from pristine-clean dynamics control to fat vintage compression tones. After compression, employ the passive EQ to add a gentle polish to the mix. Every knob and switch feels reassuringly robust and precise, and both dual mono- and stereo-link modes are available.

SPL Iron Mastering Tube Compressor/Limiter at a Glance:

-Twin-tube design results in transparent, lively sounding compression
-Six rectifier circuits for a wide sonic palette
-Excellent sonic range and low noise from a high-voltage design
-Fine-tune the compression response with sidechain EQ
-Polish the mix with a sweet passive EQ

Twin-tube design results in transparent, lively sounding compression

Each channel on the SPL Iron compressor packs two twin-triode tubes in the signal path, each with slightly different response curves. SPL says the differing curves are the reason Iron sounds so transparent and musical. Even at higher settings, your program material won't sound dull or lifeless. Basically, you won't hear the compression unless you get into extreme settings, and even then it sounds sweet.

Six rectifier circuits for a wide sonic palette

SPL Iron, each based around different diodes. Switching between germanium, silicon, LED, and other settings not only affects the sound but also varies the attack and release curves, giving each rectifier mode its own transient response characteristics. So whether you need ultra-pristine dynamics control for a classical recording or warmer vintage compression for a rock band, the SPL Iron has the range to do it.

Excellent sonic range and low noise from a high-voltage design

The SPL Iron has a true 120-volt operating voltage that provides high headroom and an ultra-low noise floor. If you're lucky enough to be mastering well-mixed tracks that aren't already pumped up to full volume, the Iron compressor is exactly the tool you'll want to have to make it loud while maintaining dynamics.

Fine-tune the compression response with sidechain EQ

You can select from four sidechain EQ modes to tailor how Iron responds to the control signal. It's perfect for preventing a heavy kick drum or bass in the mix from triggering the compressor too much, for example. The four selectable modes are optimized f

Polish the mix with a sweet passive EQ

Once your dynamics are perfect, the SPL Iron gives you the option to add one of two preset EQ curves with its built-in passive equalizer. In AirBass mode, a gentle 2dB boost to the lows and highs adds a nice sense of body and sparkle. The Tape Roll-off mode uses high- and low-cut filters to shape the response the way a real tape machine would. You might not use them on every project, but we're sure your clients will love the results when you do.
Tube compressor/limiter with stereo and dual-mono modes
All controls are switches or detented knobs for easily repeatable results
High 120-volt operating voltage for high headroom and ultra-low noise
Dial in everything from transparent to sonically colored compression
Extremely musical, lively sound results from the control signal being limited internally
4 built-in sidechain EQ curves to tailor compression response, or use your own external EQ
Put a final polish on your mix with the built-in passive EQ with 2 selectable response curves


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