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SPL Channel One MK3 Premium Mono Channel Strip

Mono Channel Strip with Discrete Preamp, Tube Saturation, 3-band EQ, Compressor, Transient Designer, Noise Gate, De-esser, and Lundahl I/O Transformers
4790 SPL in Lebanon and Egypt


Nail That Authoritative, Polished, Professional Sound

Now in its third iteration, the exceedingly popular SPL Channel One MK3 Premium channel strip has been extensively updated with upgraded specs and performance-enhancing features. This version of the Channel One MK3 is spec'd with premium Lundahl input and output transformers for that authoritative, “big-iron” sound that leaps right out of the speakers. A higher internal audio voltage of +/-18V delivers even more highly detailed sound. In addition to an improved preamp section, the Channel One MK3 Premium is equipped with an integrated Transient Designer, a Tube Saturation stage, and a Mic A/B comparison function, along with other great new features that will elevate the quality of your studio’s product. Of course, the Channel One MK3 Premium retains the essential tools that longtime users have come to rely on. Smooth, detailed, and gorgeous, the SPL Channel One MK3 channel strip is your ticket to that “polished” professional sound on vocals and instruments from any source, be it mic, line, or DI.

Compare two microphones ? No problem!

Channel One Mk3 offers two microphone inputs on the back - Mic A and Mic B. Two microphones can be connected there. This makes working much easier. This means you no longer have to reconnect when comparing or changing a microphone.
SPL Channel One MK3 Premium Mono Channel Strip
SPL Channel One MK3 Premium Mono Channel Strip

Preamp Out – on the direct way to your goal

The Preamp Out picks up the signal directly behind the microphone amplifier. For example, for safety reasons, this signal can also be recorded on a separate track in the DAW. If it is only discovered after a recording session that the singer was a little louder in the perfect take and therefore the compressor was a little too strong, this incorrect setting can be changed afterward. The signal recorded for safety can later
be played back into the Channel One Mk3 via the Line In and processed there with Tube Saturation, Compressor, or other tools.

Analogue plug-in

Channel One Mk3 offers the ability to edit line signals. Line-level sources, such as an analog signal from an audio interface, can be processed with a de-esser, compressor, limiter, and equalizer and then recorded again. This makes Channel One Mk3 an “analog plug-in” in a DAW insert.
SPL Channel One MK3 Premium Mono Channel Strip

Discrete preamp works great with vocals, instruments, or any other audio source

2 Mic inputs, 1 Line input on the rear panel

Front-panel DI instrument input

SPL Transient Designer with Differential Envelope Technology

Premium Lundahl input and output transformers

3-band EQ gives you incredible tone-shaping options

Tube saturation imbues your signal with as much (or as little) character as you want

Compressor/limiter controls dynamics and adds musicality

Dual-band de-esser intelligently removes sibilants

The noise gate operates flawlessly

Mic Preamp Outboards Studio SPL SOUND

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