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Moog Mother-32 Semi-modular Eurorack Analog Synthesizer and Step Sequencer

60HP Eurorack-format Modular Monophonic Synthesizer with Voltage-controlled Step Sequencer, Voltage-controlled Moog Ladder Filter, and MIDI Input

Semi-modular Moog for Eurorack

Moog joins the Eurorack revolution with the semi-modular Mother-32 monosynth. This distinctly vintage-voiced, raw, powerful synthesizer boasts switchable lowpass and highpass Moog ladder filters (20Hz-20kHz), a voltage-controlled 32-step sequencer for self-contained programming, a MIDI input for external control and MIDI to CV conversion, and a 32-point 3.5mm patchbay for interconnectivity and extended synthesis capabilities.

Powerful analog sound for your desktop

The semi-modular Mother-32 serves up the iconic Moog analog sound, yet it's also conveniently modern. Its massive analog tone spans the range from fat and wooly to sharp and metallic. You can route most of the Mother-32's modulation sources via mini toggle switches, giving you access to impressive sound-design power. You'll be able to generate earth-shaking bass, screaming leads, and atmospheric effects without ever touching a patch cable. And thanks to the 32-point patchbay onboard the Mother-32, you can easily connect other Eurorack modules to create a vastly complex and extremely powerful synthesizer.

Classic Analog Synth Architecture

The Mother-32's oscillator section offers saw and pulse wave shapes, plus control over pulse width. There's a noise generator too, and the filter resonance can reach self-oscillation as well, allowing you to use that as an oscillator with a simple patch. Use the LFO to modulate the Mother-32's VCO and VCF, or other Eurorack modules via the patchbay. The LFO offers square and triangle wave shapes and can reach audio rates for a wide range of creative effects. Use the AD(SR) envelope's Attack and Decay controls to quickly shape your sounds. Sustain can be engaged with a switch, at which point the Decay control becomes your Release control. You can generate everything from percussive hits and pluck sounds to sustained leads and evolving soundscapes. For sheer fatness, it's hard to beat Moog's classic ladder filter design. On the Mother-32 you can choose from lowpass and highpass modes, and the filter can be modulated via the LFO, envelope, or via external CV control.

Voltage-Controlled 32-Step Sequencer

Two sequence modes make it easy to lay down patterns with the Mother-32. KB mode allows you to play notes in directly from the keyboard panel, while Step mode lets you program in notes manually. You can combine the two modes to play and edit patterns with incredible detail. Each step in your sequence has variable gate length, and with ties, glide, and accent control, you'll be able to achieve highly animated sequences (64 custom sequences can be created and saved). You can also add multi-note ratchets to individual steps to create cool stutter effects. And while the sequencer is running, temporarily mute playback, add accents, ratchet the sequence, and transpose the sequence for creative live performance potential.

The first semi-modular tabletop and Eurorack synthesizer from Moog

Raw, fat analog sound meets modern sequencing and MIDI control

13-button, 1-octave keyboard lets you perform and create/edit sequences

Create patterns via the voltage-controlled 32-step sequencer with 64 sequence locations

Includes vintage-style Moog oscillator with pulse and sawtooth wave outputs

Quintessential Moog Ladder highpass and lowpass filter includes voltage-controlled resonance

Create electronic percussion sounds via the white noise generator

Audio input allows you to process external sound sources

Onboard 2-input voltage-controlled mixer lets you combine control voltage

32-point modular patchbay includes 5 x 3.5mm patch cables

MIDI to CV converter and 5-pin MIDI input let you integrate the rest of your synth gear

Complete Eurorack synthesizer that can easily be installed in a Eurorack case

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