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Moog DFAM Semi-modular Eurorack Analog Percussion Synthesizer

Semi-modular Analog Percussion Synthesizer, with 2 Oscillators, Noise Generator, LP/HP Filter, 8-step Sequencer, and 24 CV Patch Points

Moog's Drummer From Another Mother

Add interactive analog drums with Moog vibe to your synth rig, with the Moog DFAM semi-modular percussion synthesizer. The Drummer From Another Mother can generate fat analog rhythms without patching a single cable — and its modular patchbay yields endless creative possibilities. Dual oscillators plus noise offer a huge range of sounds and timbres to explore, while LP/HP filters allow for extreme sound shaping. Complete with a dynamic eight-step sequencer, the Moog DFAM is a versatile percussion synth with undeniable vibe.

Selectable Analog Filters

With two selectable analog filters — highpass and lowpass — the Moog DFAM can shape its dual oscillators and noise generator in a myriad of ways. From bright hi-hat sounds to deep kicks and thumps, DFAM delivers analog drum and percussion sounds at their finest. And by using its patchbay to creatively modulate things like oscillator pitch, filter cutoff, and noise level, you can generate all manner of bursts, clangs, and other sound effects.

Dynamic 8-Step Sequencer

Each step of DFAM's sequencer has dedicated pitch and velocity controls, allowing for easy and rewarding real-time manipulation while your sequence runs. And the fact that it's called a percussion synthesizer won't keep synthesists at Sweetwater from generating some seriously cool basslines with DFAM. CV outputs for trigger, velocity, and pitch allow you to sequence other Eurorack modules, and CV inputs allow you to control the sequencer and clock from other modules too.

Ready To Integrate With Your Eurorack Rig

While the Moog DFAM can be used without patching any cables, there are endless possibilities when you use it with a Eurorack synth setup. You can even remove DFAM from its case and mount it into a Eurorack case (requires a 10- to 16-pin Eurorack cable, not included). With 24 CV In/Out patch points to play with, DFAM should be a welcome addition to any Eurorack setup.

100% analog drum/percussion synth with dynamic 8-step sequencer

Semi-modular format — no patching required

24 patch points for extensive sound design potential

2 oscillators plus a noise generator for creating deep kicks, snappy snares, crisp hi-hats and much more

Step sequencer features dedicated pitch and velocity controls for real-time manipulation

Selectable LP/HP filter for sound sculpting

External audio input for processing other synths or Eurorack modules

Eurorack compatible — can be mounted in a Eurorack case (requires 10-pin to 16-pin Eurorack cable, not included)

Perfect match for a Mother-32 synth module, fits in 2-tier and 3-tier Mother-32 racks

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