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Moog Mavis Semi-modular Analog Synthesizer Kit and Eurorack Module

44HP Monophonic Semi-modular Analog Synthesizer with VCO, VCA, LFO, Wavefolder, S&H, 24-point Patch Bay, and 13-note Keypad

Build Your Analog Sound – Literally

Whether you’re looking to scratch that DIY itch or you’re finally ready to take the plunge into analog synthesis, Moog’s Mavis is a spectacular way to get immersed in 100% analog design. We are impressed with just how versatile this lightweight powerhouse can be. It packs a punch that is right at home in any rig. Remove it from its housing and you’ve got a 24-point, voltage-controllable 44HP module that’s Eurorack-ready. Alongside a classic Moog Ladder Filter, the Mavis boasts a VCO (with PWM), a VCA, an LFO, and a 4-stage envelope generator. This mini-mono synth also proudly introduces Moog’s first analog wavefolder, diversifying opportunities with additive synthesis. With no soldering required, you can assemble the Mavis in an afternoon, regardless of skill level. Finally, the included protective cover will keep your Mavis clear of trouble in the studio or on the road.

Authentic analog arsenal

Moog has spared no effort in ensuring the maximum array of analog offerings, despite what the size might suggest. Get to gliding with the expressive 1 v/oct scale and explore unusual pitch relationships, thanks to the KB scale knob and onboard baker’s octave of keys. Build rich harmonic character with the mixable saw/square VCO, which features Pulse Width Modulation to fine-tune your waveform. Harness the power of classic Moog basses and leads with the VCF, a sonic sculpting tool with a -24dB Lowpass Ladder Filter. Moog opted for crossfaders over switches in their modulation, allowing you to variably shape the LFO, with a 4-stage envelope generator to discover compelling and unexpected modulation contours. Mavis doesn’t stop at Moog-classic subtractive synthesis, however; they’ve also provided an additive synthesis option via a totally analog diode wavefolder, drastically broadening your sonic potential.
Moog Mavis Semi-modular Analog Synthesizer Kit and Eurorack Module
Moog Mavis Semi-modular Analog Synthesizer Kit and Eurorack Module

Dropping anchor in patchbay

Taking its modular roots to heart, Mavis can be removed from its housing (or ignore the housing altogether, as you build it) to fit into any Eurorack setup, so long as you’ve got the 44HP to spare. A 24-point patchbay enables total CV control, easily integrating into your current or prospective rig. For the adventuresome sound designers, the patchable Sample and Hold circuit is ideal for adding texture and color to any sequence or progression.

Build-it-yourself model means authentic analog sound with no soldering required

Onboard 13-key baker’s octave means quick playback with full glide and KB scaling

1 v/oct setup enables exploration of unusual pitch and tone relationships

VCO features Pulse Width Modulation to create even greater range of harmonic character

Sculpt classic-style Moog leads and licks with the -24dB Low Pass Ladder Filter

Crossfader-based LFO modulation allows you to utilize the 4-stage envelope generator to devise intriguing and uncommon contours

Diode wavefolding circuitry means analog additive synthesis is now a possibility

24-point patchbay provides easy Eurorack integration at just 44HP

Included protective cover keeps your Mavis clear of dirt and grime, in the studio or on the road

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