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Behringer KM1700 Power Amplifier

1,700-watt 2-channel Power Amplifier with Accelerated Transient Response
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This Lightweight Power Amp Really Packs a Punch

The Behringer KM1700 1,700-watt stereo power amplifier combines ample power with efficient performance. Behringer's Accelerated Transient Response design coordinates your speakers with the speed of the signals that are passing through them, ensuring a tight and punchy sound. Easy-to-use front panel controls and LED indicators make operating the KM1700 child's play. The XLR and 1/4" input connectors on the KM1700's rear panel accommodate nearly any source. Connect your speakers securely to the KM1700's dual locking connectors or touch-proof binding posts. A built-in limiter ensures maximum output with reliable overload protection. The Behringer KM1700 is a workhorse 1,700-watt stereo power amplifier.

Accelerated Transient Response ensures a tight and punchy sound

The Behringer KM1700's Accelerated Transient Response design employs transistors with high slew rates and a high-current toroidal transformer to coordinate your audio with your speakers. This ultra-fast transient response ensures that every beat of your music comes through loud and clear, with maximum punch and clarity. Rail tracking effectively modulates the KM1700's power supply rails with only the peaks of the input signal, giving rise to efficient performance with low signal distortion.
Behringer KM1700 Power Amplifier

Streamlined controls for simple operation

Using the Behringer KM1700 is dead simple. Push the Power button and an LED shows you that the unit is on. A pair of positive-dent Gain controls with signal LEDs provides you with an at-a-glance view of your levels. A Mode switch selects between mono, stereo, and bridge modes. A Limiter switch turns the KM1700's overload protection on and off. You also get Ground-lift and Sensitivity switches.

Broad connectivity accommodates nearly any source

To provide you with near-universal compatibility, the Behringer KM1700 is loaded with XLR and 1/4" input connectors. Dual locking connectors or touch-proof binding posts create a secure connection for your speakers.

1,700W 2-channel power amplifier (into 8 ohms in bridge mode)

Accelerated Transient Response design and high-current toroidal transformer deliver maximum punch and clarity

Easy-to-use front panel controls and LED indicators for easy operation

XLR and 1/4" input connectors accommodate nearly any source

Connect your speakers securely via dual locking connectors or touch-proof binding posts

Switchable limiter yields maximum output with reliable overload protection

Independent DC and short-circuit protection on each channel protects your amplifier and speakers

Front-to-back ventilation prevents overheating

Lightweight yet durable all-steel chassis

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