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Steinberg UR44C USB Audio Interface

USB 3.0 Audio Interface, 6-in/4-out, 32-bit/192kHz with 4 XLR/TRS Combo Inputs, 2 Line Inputs, MIDI I/O, USB Bus Power, and Bundled Software - Mac/PC/iOS

Superior Connectivity Meets Portability

The Steinberg RU44C strikes the perfect balance between portability and connectivity. This 6-in/4-out USB interface delivers professional quality audio resolution with both analog and MIDI connections. The Steinberg UR44C has advanced software compatibility that allows it to work with any USB-C equipped Mac or Windows PC, or iPad Pro. Steinberg�s interfaces have a sturdy, low-profile design and stellar audio quality that�s earned them many loyal fans at Sweetwater. Included with your Steinberg UR44C is a free download of Cubase AI and Cubasis LE, two innovative DAWs for your computer or iPad.

Capture your ideas anywhere

The Steinberg UR44C was designed to provide you with an amazing blend of connection options while remaining sleek enough to fit inside a backpack. Steinberg wanted to ensure you can capture your tracks the moment inspiration strikes. Whether you're on the road, at a jam session, or at your home studio, just whip out the UR44C and an iPad, fire up Cubasis LE, and get going. You can then transfer your work to the full version of Cubase for mixing and mastering in your studio.

Included software for your computer or iPad

When you receive your UR44C you'll also receive a free download of Cubase AI. Cubase AI is a sleek version of Steinberg's Mac/Windows production software. For your iPad, you can download Cubasis LE, a full production studio with features that have been optimized for touchscreen controls. For added convenience, projects you create on Cubasis LE can be opened up in Cubase on the computer in your studio. The ability to capture ideas on the go and take them back to the studio makes using the UR44C a no-brainer.

Four Combination XLR/TRS inputs allow for versatile connection options

Windows, Mac OS, and iOS cross-platform compatibility for superior flexibility

MIDI I/O syncs effortlessly with outside hardware

Latency-free DSP monitoring

USB 3.0 to USB-C connector can connect to most modern devices

Four Class A microphone preamps

Dual headphone monitoring capabilities

Switchable power source: USB 3.0 or 12V DC

Steinberg Audiocards Studio 4 INPUTS

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