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KRK Expose E8 Powered Studio Monitor (each)

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KRK Expose E8 powered studio monitor speakers works perfect in good condition.

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The KRK E8’s have been used in our studio for most of the final staged of the mastering. Most of our post production gets its final touches through the KRK e8’s. We usually don’t use them for the whole process, because we have so many different monitors that we like to reference through. But when you plug the KRK e8’s in they really bring the final sound to life.


In order to get a great sound with the KRK e8’s your room/space would need to be at least semi treated. If you are sitting in a bigger room you will be ok untreated. But if you are in a small space like 12/12 or smaller. You HAVE to have it treated with these. The sound just hits so hard and the way the sound travels out of them will be bouncing all over the room. Also, make sure you have the monitors at ear level when doing your post production.


Overall, these are great. The KRK e8’s aren’t to be confused with the other KRK 8’s . These are way better than the cheaper KRK monitors. If you are in need of high quality speakers/ monitors that you can master in and great big studio quality these are perfect for you. Downside is the price, they do cost a good amount of money. But you might be able to get these cheaper now because they have came out with an upgraded version of them KRK even said they could upgrade your current KRK e’8s . So wether you have the 8’s or not they will be able to get you the newest model of the KRK e8’s. I love when we turn these one, they just do so much for your final mastering work and make your music sound huge. I wouldn’t create music in these though, I think that they would exaggerate certain sounds and mess up your final mixes.

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