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Alesis Strike MultiPad Percussion Pad

9-pad Drum Controller with 32GB Internal Memory, 6GB Sound Library, Audio/MIDI over USB, USB Memory Stick Port, and Onboard Stereo Sampler

Nine-pad Drum Controller with Onboard Sampler

With nine velocity-sensitive trigger pads, an exhaustive 6GB stock sample library, and an onboard sampler and USB memory stick port to create and import your own sonic textures, the Alesis Strike MultiPad is a feature-rich and space-conscious drum controller for the stage and studio. Onstage, there are loads of stock acoustic and electric kits and five onboard FX processors to home in on the perfect tone for your music. And in the studio, you get exacting MIDI control over your favorite virtual instruments within the Ableton 10 Live Lite DAW/performance environment (included) to create sets and capture performances. Hands on, one of the Strike MultiPad's best features are its raised back pads, which offer unbridled access to hi-hats, claves, and more. Customizable LED lights per each pad complete the look.

Onboard stereo sampler

Connect an external audio source (phone, mic, soundboard, or computer), and the Alesis Strike MultiPad is all you need to capture precise stereo samples and loops. From stabs and drum breaks to memes and oddities, the Strike MultiPad's stereo inputs and mic/line gain adjuster ensure your audio remains true to its source.
Alesis Strike MultiPad Percussion Pad

USB audio/MIDI interface

Whether you want to capture performances directly as you hear them or control virtual instruments inside your DAW, the Strike MultiPad's USB port gives you two channels of hi-fi audio for exacting control over drums, chords, and percussion. No external device is required. Connect the Strike MultiPad directly to your Mac or PC and watch it become the centerpiece of your studio setup.

All the great features you want!

32GB of onboard memory

6GB of immersive onboard sounds are all you need to gig out with the Strike MultiPad. And for players who need custom sounds, the remaining 28GB of memory equip this controller for even large sample libraries.
Load your own files over USB drive

The Alesis Strike MultiPad lets you store entire performances onto USB drives and import for instant access to sets and sounds.
Ableton 10 Live Lite included

Both as a recording platform and as a live instrument, Ableton 10 Live Lite is built to take your Strike MultiPad to brilliant new heights.
Alesis Strike MultiPad Percussion Pad

9-pad drum controller with onboard sampler

Capture audio from a phone, laptop, or microphone

Custom LED lights for visual identification at a glance

Raised back pads are great for hi-hats, claves, and ride cymbals

32GB of onboard memory

Preloaded with 6GB of stock samples

USB memory stick input — load in your own audio files

2-channel audio interface — record performances without an external interface

MIDI over USB — control virtual instruments in your DAW

Includes a license to Ableton 10 Live Lite

Alesis Digital Drums DRUMS Controller pads Studio Music

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