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M-audio Trigger finger pro DJ

Quick Overview

This unit is considered a pioneered in it range as it combined many utility in one MACHINE , whatever you are looking to control your DAW station this unit is fully programmable for you ,

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 if you are a DJ or ONE MAN SHOW performer this could be a boost for your performance where you can and trigger sounds, waves and loops , based on it price this unit is highly recommended for anyone musicians , dj , producer looking to upgrade his standard

Weapon Of Mass Production

Offering unparalleled musical expression and software integration, Trigger Finger Pro is a fully loaded pad controller with a standalone step sequencer. Perform, produce, remix, and take command of any audio software with an array of hardware controls: 16 velocity- and pressure-sensitive RGB pads and 4 assignable knobs, faders, and backlit buttons offer comprehensive control of virtual instruments, DAWs, effect plugins, and more.

Trigger Finger Pro comes with an astounding collection of content and software to have you creating inspired electronic music fast. Over 5,000 samples of cutting edge loops, synths, drum kits and sound modules have been curated to provide the best-possible sounding content to producers and performers–including artist launch packs from Toolroom Records–the world’s leading dance label.


  • 16 RGB velocity- and pressure-sensitive pads each with 4 banks for 64 pads
  • 12 assignable controls for interfacing with virtual instruments, plugins, and DAWs
  • Onboard 64-step sequencer for quickly building grooves and melodies
  • Large display for easy programming, sequencing, and performing
  • USB-MIDI connectivity with 5-pin MIDI output
  • Step sequencer is also standalone and can sequence external hardware over a MIDI connection
  • Mackie Control and HUI for further DAW integration
  • USB-powered and class-compliant; no power adapter or drivers required
  • Slimline design and detachable 3-position metal stand for maximum portability
  • Road-ready chassis with a brushed aluminum faceplate
  • M-Audio Arsenal software (download) with preset library and automapping templates runs standalone or as a plugin
  • Production software package included: M-Audio Arsenal, AIR Drums, Hybrid 3 by AIR Music Tech, Toolroom artist launch packs, and Prime Loops expansion pack (downloads)

Step Into It

Trigger Finger Pro combines an onboard step sequencer with a straightforward interface for streamlined workflow and powerful music creation capabilities. With the 64-step sequencer, users can quickly assemble complex grooves and melodies on the fly. The sequencer also operates in standalone mode and can send step- sequencer data to any external device that accepts a MIDI In; sequence hardware synthesizers, drum machines, and more with your Trigger Finger Pro. A large LCD screen offers heightened visiblity and makes it easy to dial in or fine-tune software parameters. Finally, all the controls are arranged in an ergonomic layout for an intuitive interface designed to facilitate contemporary music production and performance.AIR DRUMS

To The Fourth Degree

Four pad banks expand the number of Trigger Finger Pro's high-performance pads, up to 64 total, for dynamic triggering and finger drumming. Four additional control banks expand the number of knobs, faders, and switches to 16 each. Trigger Finger Pro also supports Mackie Control and HUI for further DAW integration and hands-on mixing.

From Studio To Stage

With its slimline design and removable 3-position stand, Trigger Finger Pro adapts to any production or performance environment. Multiple MIDI connections, a USB- MIDI and a 5-pin MIDI output, interface directly with music software/hardware and meet the demands of today’s hybrid software-and-hardware setups. Plus, Trigger Finger Pro is class-compliant and USB-powered for seamless integration with your Mac or PC.

Production Content

Trigger Finger Pro comes with the M-Audio Arsenal software and over 5,000 of production-ready samples, curated by industry tastemakers. Arsenal is an intelligent production hub and advanced content library designed for your Trigger Finger Pro. Use the intelligent content filter parameters to find the sound, instrument or texture you need, quickly. Arsenal integrates directly into popular DAWs, but can also be run in standalone mode. The latter lets you utilize VST instruments without firing up your DAW and is ideal for software- based stage performance. Finally, Arsenal's interface lets you map the hardware controls visually, making customization and workflow a breeze.

AIR Drums, by AIR Music Tech, is a virtual drum module that comes loaded with a world-class library of drum and percussion samples. Hybrid 3, also by AIR Music Tech, is a high-definition synthesizer that combines the warmth of legendary analog synths with a full range of futuristic, digital manipulation capabilities. Toolroom Records artist launch packs include over 2,500 of premium instrumental loops, drum kits, and one-shots curated by the label's top-charting artists. An expansive drum and percussion library by Prime Loops combines over 2,000 kick, snare, claps, and percussion sounds for unprecedented beat production. Additional artist content puts the best sounds of electronic music right into your hands.

Once you're comfortable with the hardware, it's time to look at Arsenal. Rather than a software groovebox a la NI and Akai's offerings, it's really just a library manager for your patches and plug-ins. There's a lot of downloadable content, including a collection of pre-mapped controls for popular plug-ins from the likes of NI, Slate Digital and D16. Once imported, these plug-ins are automatically mapped to TFP's faders and knobs, though the Learn option lets you easily edit the parameters to your needs. Drums are loaded through AirDrums, a fairly simple sample playback plug-in similar to Ableton's Simpler in controls.

One of the most frustrating things about Arsenal is that it's not currently possible to load multiple kits, synths, loops and sounds onto individual banks. Try to load Massive onto Bank B, and it overwrites the current kit and is active for all four banks. I would love to have Bank A as my drums, B as my bassline, etc., and sequence them separately. The only way to do this at the moment is to load multiple instances of Arsenal in your DAW, change the MIDI channel number input on each instance and assign the relative MIDI channel output on each bank. (This can only be done either for the TFP as a whole or by changing each pad individually.) It's a frustrating limitation, though I've been assured it will be addressed in a future update. Another odd feature is that you can't transpose a bank at a time—you have to change the MIDI note on a per-pad basis. This can be annoying if you just want to transpose an octave. It'd also be nice to see swing on a bank or pad level rather than just global. M-Audio have said both functions will be addressed with an update later this year.

Those are small issues, though, when you look at what the TFP is capable of for the outlay. The step sequencer adds a lot of value, and with the ability to record directly from the pads, it's incredibly quick and fun to get an idea together. Its support for Mackie control means no mapping headaches, and for Live users, the DAW control arrows can navigate and launch clips, freeing up pads to use for whatever you choose. When dealing with this level of depth and flexibility there will always be some head-scratching moments, but your patience is rewarded with a controller that can be shaped and moulded into the centre of your studio or live show.

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Top featuresAutomation, Channel controllers, Major daw compatiblity, Transport controller

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