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Steinberg UR22C Recording new Pack

Recording Package with Steinberg UR22C USB Audio Interface, Steinberg ST-M01 Condenser Mic, Steinberg ST-H01 Headphones, XLR Cable, and Bundled Software
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Total Recording Package

Want to record your own songs or podcast in the comfort of your own home but aren't sure where to start? Sweetwater has just the thing for you! The Steinberg UR22C Recording Pack is a full-service production package to get your first home studio up and running. This package ships to your door with three major pieces of Steinberg gear including the UR22C USB audio interface, ST-M01 condenser mic, and ST-H01 Headphones. With just this gear and the included cables, your path to making your own tracks is nearly complete. The Steinberg UR22C Recording Pack includes production software to help get you started. The Steinberg UR22C Recording Pack makes it easier than ever to create your home studio.

Steinberg UR22C USB audio interface

You can't import the sound from your guitar or microphone into your computer without an interface. The Steinberg UR22C USB interface offers professional quality 32-bit/192kHz resolution at a very affordable price. It has two combination mic/line combo inputs with phantom power that give you flexible recording options. The UR22C is also compatible with Mac, PC, and iPad, which makes it more versatile than many other compact interfaces on the market.

Steinberg mic and headphones

No studio is complete without a solid mic and a good pair of headphones. The UR22C comes with a Steinberg ST-M01 studio condenser microphone that provides a wide frequency response and smooth vocal response. It's perfectly suited for recording vocals and acoustic instruments. Next, the ST-H01 studio monitor headphones provide accurate sonic reproduction and will make mixing easy. And to help you get your studio up and running, the UR22C comes with a handy startup guide that'll walk you through the basics.

Bundled software

Once you get your interface and mic set up, you'll need a DAW (Digital Audio Workstation). When you buy the UR22C Recording Pack, you'll receive free access to two DAWs in the forms of Cubase AI for your desktop and Cubasis LE for your iPad. You can capture your first ideas on your iPad using Cubasis LE and then master it in Cubase AI. In addition, you'll also get access to WaveLab LE, which offers multiple audio editing tools that are perfect for musicians, small studios, and podcast creators.

UR22C USB audio interface offers professional-quality audio resolution

Dual combination inputs support instruments and mic connections

Steinberg ST-M01 condenser microphone provides stellar vocal reproduction

ST-H01 monitoring headphones reproduce natural sound

Latency-free DSP monitoring has mix balance controls

Included software allows you to mix and master your recordings

Windows, macOS, and iOS compatibility works with most devices

Includes XLR Cable and microphone mount to get your studio up and running

Steinberg Studio Bundles

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