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Denon DJ Prime 4 plus 4-deck Standalone DJ System

4-deck DJ System with 6inch Jog Wheels, 10.1inch Multi-touch Display, Sampler, Onboard FX, 16 Performance Pads, 4 USB Inputs, 1 SD Card Input, Wireless Connectivity, Zone Mixer, and 4 Line/Phono Assignable Input Channels
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Primed 4 Unmatched, All-in-one Performance

As technology advances, previously unimaginable creative possibilities have come to life, further eroding the boundaries between mixing, sampling, performance, and sound design. DJs know this juggling act better than anyone, and Denon’s Prime 4+ stands to completely reconfigure your relationship to sound, taking your sets to new heights. Armed with four decks of flexibility, this all-in-one controller builds upon the foundation established by its predecessor, expanding connectivity options and diversifying artistic potential, including the world’s first standalone stem extraction system. Moreover, new FX tools and an XY controller option integrated into the 10.1-inch multi-gesture touchscreen accompany a newly streamlined Engine Lighting system, culminating in an unbridled suite of customizable expressivity that has Top Djs raring to rock the Prime 4+ in their next set.

Cutting-edge expressive opportunity

Remixes, edits, reimaginings, and unreleased ID tracks have been a staple of DJ sets for decades, punching up performances with unique takes on the music you’d expect to hear, exclusive to those live settings and highlighting what makes a great turntablist. Denon DJ introduces a groundbreaking new feature with the release of the Prime 4+ system: the world’s first standalone stem extraction tools. That’s right, no laptop needed! With a single tap or gesture, immediately isolate vocals, instrumentals, and more with onboard analysis that opens endless doors for on-the-fly or precision-cut mash-ups, remixes, and cross-genre fusion possibilities. Plus, the revamped Engine Lighting OS and StagelinQ connectivity ensure automatic and customizable control options for DMX, Nanoleaf, and Philips Hue light arrays, as well as complete video control, leading to nuanced, immersive audio-visual feasts that won’t require clunky, additional hardware to produce.
Denon DJ Prime 4 plus 4-deck Standalone DJ System
Denon DJ Prime 4 plus 4-deck Standalone DJ System

Beyond mixing

Each deck features a 3-band EQ, VU meter, and source toggle, but this standalone system is engineered to be as much of a production powerhouse as it is a set of turntables. A total of 16 sample pads adorn the sleek interface, fully customizable and capable of being used in concert with the extensive stem analysis and Sweep FX tools. What’s more, dedicated Hot Cue, Loop, Roll, and Slicer buttons offer deep customization to carefully concoct the most infectious, bizarre, and enlivening transitions and loops. For even greater personalization, the crossfader profile of the Prime 4+ can be adjusted to provide a bevy of beat-crafting options. Jog wheels are touch-sensitive with assignable plate colors and graphics, supplementing your sound with reactive, real-time visuals to accompany your time at the decks.

Dynamic, personalized texturizing tools

Audio effects are a tricky area for DJs. On the one hand, they can be incredible tools of accentuation and ambience, easily distinguishing your set without detracting from the works you’ve painstakingly amassed. On the other hand, they’re easily and often overused, poorly implemented, and typically difficult to use effectively due to interface design shortcomings. Thankfully, the Prime 4+ is outfitted with versatile access points to texturize your tone, including 26 primary FX with a pair of dedicated OLED displays and control points, as well as Touch FX, activated from the touchscreen to get hands-on with your aural assemblage. Per-channel Sweep FX lets you combine multiple tools into a single-knob design for customizable, evocative effects.
Denon DJ Prime 4 plus 4-deck Standalone DJ System

Your tracks played your way

Keeping connected is integral to any set. With four decks of potential, you’ll appreciate how easy Denon DJ has made it to design sets and improvise live. Your I/O suite comprises four USB ports, an SD card input, a dedicated XLR output pair for independent zone management, two 1/4-inch and XLR combination jacks with individual EQ, level, talk-over, and echo controls, and four assignable line/phono input channels to incorporate external media or devices easily. Additionally, wireless connectivity options let you quickly grab tracks from Amazon Music Unlimited, TIDAL, Beatsource, Beatport, SoundCloud GO+, Dropbox, and more, with a Wi-Fi connection. Similarly, Engine Remote Desktop provides wireless access to your computer-based library, keeping those live-only edits and remixes easily within reach. Concerned about audio quality? Don’t worry: legacy Denon DJ audio comes in at a crystal-clear 24-bit rate, capable of FLAC, ALAC, and WAV uncompressed audio formats as well.

4-deck design provides uncompromising control in a standalone, laptop-free system

Onboard stem extraction and analysis tool is the world’s first stem system to exist in an all-in-one DJ system, opening new creative frontiers for mash-ups, remixes, and more

Flexible connectivity suite includes StagelinQ lighting controls, 4 USB ports, 1 SD card slot, USB keyboard support, 4 assignable Phono/Line inputs, as well as master, booth, and zone outputs

Dedicated zone output and management lets you curate the vibes of multiple spots from one controller, allowing for distinct track options

Wireless connectivity includes Wi-Fi options for TIDAL, Beatport, Beatsource, SoundCloud GO+, Dropbox, and Amazon Music Unlimited for quickly grabbing, analyzing, and mixing tracks

Engine Remote Desktop lets you quickly access remote, computer-based libraries for those exclusive edits and remixes not available on standard platforms

Flexible file support includes uncompressed formats like FLAC, ALAC, and WAV, delivered in high-fidelity playback via Denon DJ’s crystalline 24-bit legacy audio

16 beat pads can be used for on-the-fly sampling alongside flexible Hot Cue, Loop, and Slicer tools for unmatched beat-crafting to elevate your mix

Crossfader curve is customizable, with channel assignment switches and Fader Start control to make sure your mixing at your most effective

Additional media management and control tools include Ableton Link and an onboard, 2.5-inch SATA drive bay

25+ rich FX can be combined for use with per-channel Sweep FX for 1-knob, evocative enhancement

10.1-inch multi-gesture touchscreen and 6-inch, touch-capacitive jog wheels provide vivid, real-time feedback to dive straight into each groove

Touch FX turns the touchscreen into an XY controller surface for hands-on audio manipulation

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