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Solid State Logic Duende PCIe

Quick Overview

Hardware DSP-accelerated Plug-ins for VST, AU, and RTAS Applications
Solid state logic

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Great Powered SSL EQ and Dynamics DSP for Your Computer!

The SSL Duende PCIe card gives you the DSP processing power to drive up to 32 channels of plug-in processing (at sample rates up to 96kHz) within your host application. You can run two Duende PCIe units on a single computer system for up to 64 channels of processing, it can also partner with FireWire-connected Duende Mini or Classic to achieve increased channel processing count. Duende is based on the powerful DSP technology behind SSL's acclaimed C-Series digital consoles, and EQ and Dynamics Channel and the Duende Bus Compressor plug-ins are included with the Duende PCIe.

SSL Duende PCIe Expansion DSP Processing Card at a Glance:

  • Integrate your setup with the Duende PCIe
  • EQ and Dynamics Channel plug-in
  • Duende Stereo Bus Compressor plug-in

Integrate your setup with the Duende PCIe
PCIe is a high bandwidth, half length, full height slot-in PCIe card that works in both PCs and Macs. This card is ideal for those who work with lots of external FireWire equipment, or those who want to integrate their SSL processing and workstation into a single case unit.

EQ and Dynamics Channel plug-in
The EQ and Dynamics Channel provides a single plug-in slot EQ and Dynamics processing solution with all the power and processing flexibility of an SSL console channel. This plug-in includes 4-band EQ, two shelving and two parametric sections, variable low-pass and high-pass filters, and switchable EQ characteristics between E Series and G Series EQ, "Over-Easy" soft ratio compression characteristic for smooth transitions. You also get variable process order routing and effective dynamics side-chain processing with independent side chains for compressor and expander/gate.

Duende Stereo Bus Compressor plug-in
The Duende Bus Compressor delivers the punch and drive of the classic SSL Master Bus Compressor, a key element of many legendary recordings. Widely regarded as "audio glue" for a mix, its sound is an essential component in creating a great mix. The center section compressor from SSL's 1980s G Series analogue console is an audio production legend. It is the secret behind countless classic recordings. It is a simple unit with a simple purpose: it makes complete mixes sound bigger, with more power, punch and drive, bringing cohesion and strength to your mix without compromising clarity. PCIe also ships with fully functional trial versions of the growing portfolio of plug-ins available for the Duende platform.

SSL Duende PCIe Expansion DSP Processing Card Features:

  • Drives up to 32 channels of plug-in processing
  • Up to 96kHz
  • Quality DSP based on SSL's C-Series digital consoles
  • Includes EQ and Dynamics Channel, Stereo Bus Compressor plug-ins
  • Fully functional trial versions of several plug-ins also included

Additional Information

Ideal use Professional studio
Model Rack
AD resolution 24bit/96kHz
Analog Inputs 2in
Connection Analog types 2 1/4"
Headphones connection No
LED Metering No
PC connectivity PCI card
Analog Outputs 2Out
Digital Outputs No
Phantom Power No
Digital Inputs No
Bunlded Software No
Brands Solid state logic

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