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M-audio UBER Studio USB Mic

USB Condenser Microphone with 4 Polar Patterns, Direct-monitor Headphone Output, and 30Hz-20kHz Frequency Response - Mac/PC
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Studio-quality USB Condenser with 4 Polar Patterns

With its crisp, full-range pickup and four switchable polar patterns, the M-Audio Uber Mic USB condenser (Mac/PC) is a smart option for today's podcaster, gamer, VO artist, and musician. Standout features include the Uber Mic's integrated LCD, which communicates mic level and polar pattern at a glance, and its privacy mute switch, which silences the mic for live broadcast applications. The USB/direct mixing dial quickly blends between source audio and what's happening in the room for zero-latency monitoring you can trust. An integrated stand readies the Uber Mic for desktop use, while its mic stand compatibility readies it for your studio boom.

Articulate full-range sound

The Uber Mic's full-range (30Hz–20kHz) pickup clearly captures the nuances of the human voice, and then some. It also accurately reproduces the warmth of bass instruments, the attack of acoustic drums, and the detail of acoustic guitar and strings.
M-audio UBER Studio USB Mic
M-audio UBER Studio USB Mic

Four switchable polar patterns

Switchable polar patterns unlock the full power of the Uber Mic. Whether you're aiming to showcase or minimize the sound of your recording environment, Uber Mic makes it easy to find the right setting.

Zero-latency monitoring

Audio latency is a necessary evil with most recording devices. But not the M-Audio Uber Mic. The USB/direct mixing control blends between your source audio and what's happening in the room, in real time, for live monitoring you can trust.
M-audio UBER Studio USB Mic
M-audio UBER Studio USB Mic

Integrated LCD

Uber Mic's monochrome LCD shows important recording feedback, like mic level and polar pattern, in one spot. This makes it quick and painless to ensure your settings stay the same from take to take. Whether you're a casual user or a working artist, there's a lot to love in the M-Audio Uber Mic from Sweetwater.

Studio-quality USB Condenser with 4 Polar Patterns

For podcasting, gaming, voiceover work, and multitrack music recording

Four switchable polar patterns (cardioid, omni, figure-8, stereo) showcase or minimize the effects of your recording environment

30Hz–20kHz frequency response captures the nuances of voices and instruments

USB/direct mixing control enables zero-latency performance monitoring

Mute switch for live broadcasting

Integrated stand for desktop use

1/8" headphone jack and internal headphone amp

Mounts to a standard 5/8" mic stand for studio use

Compatibility: Mac OS X 10.10.5 or higher; Windows 7 or higher

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