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M-audio Trigger finger pro DJ

USB Percussion Controller with Step Sequencer, 16 Touch-sensitive Pads, and Automapping
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A USB Pad Controller with a Built-in Step Sequencer!

Nearly a decade after the release of the popular Trigger Finger pad controller, M-Audio has announced the highly updated and feature-packed Trigger Finger Pro. In addition to 16 illuminated, velocity-sensitive pads, the Trigger Finger Pro gives you a collection of four faders, buttons, and layers that add up to 48 assignable controls. But the real star of the show is the onboard step sequencer. Get more from the virtual instruments you love with the M-Audio Trigger Finger Pro controller.

Play expressively with velocity and pressure sensitive pads

M-Audio Trigger Finger Pro's 16 RGB-illuminated, velocity- and pressure-sensitive pads contribute to the feel of triggering "real" drums and percussion, ensemble "blasts", and virtually any sample or loop requiring a more percussive method of playing. Or, for VJs, Trigger Finger Pro can even control video projections - and applying pressure to the pads can generate any MIDI controller you wish.

Take control with assignable knobs and sliders

M-Audio loaded the Trigger Finger Pro with 4 faders, 4 knobs, 4 buttons, and 4 control layers, so you get a total of 48 assignable controls that are freely assignable to MIDI parameters such as volume, pan, pitch, and effects. Pre-programmed maps make setup a snap - and full programmability lets you customize the unit to fit your needs. The Trigger Finger Pro also includes Mackie Control/HUI for automapping. Sweetwater knows that controller performance and flexibility is important to you, and we're confident that M-Audio's Trigger Finger Pro can do the job.

Tons of content to get your creative juices flowing

Not only is Trigger Finger Pro a killer controller, but M-Audio gives you tons of killer content to go with it. Start creating new and exciting music with over 8GB of amazing loops and sounds from the likes of Anomaly (Justin Timberlake, Timbaland), Marco Lys, Renee Amesz, TocaDisco, and more! Use the included Arsenal software to integrate the Trigger Finger Control with your DAW and virtual instruments. This amazing package even includes VST instruments, a drum sample player/editor, and a suite of amazing analog synths.

The successor to the popular Trigger Finger pad controller, updated for today's music-production demands

16 backlit, velocity-sensitive pads provide a great playing experience and offer more control than ever

With 4 faders, 4 knobs, 4 buttons, and 4 control layers, you get a total of 48 assignable controls

Onboard step sequencer lets you jazz up your grooves and finger drumming performance

Software includes: Arsenal, AirDrums, Hybrid 3, Prime Loops, Toolroom artist packs, and custom sounds from Anomaly

Other perks include a high-resolution display, instant mapping to most popular DAWs, and tons of ready-to-use content

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