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Denon DN-500AV - AV Surround Preamplifier

Denon DN-500AV IS the Right Way to Distribute Surround Sound in Large Facilities
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Any professional AV installation can benefit from the supreme sound and flexibility of the Denon DN-500AV surround preamplifier. If you're running video along with a large-scale audio system, Sweetwater highly recommends the DN-500AV as a great way to maintain your audio quality. In short, you connect your HDMI signal to the DN-500AV, and pass through the HDMI video to your projector or screen. You then connect the balanced XLR outputs to feed your 5.1 or 7.1 surround system. Because you're dealing with high-quality balanced audio outs instead of the typical unbalanced RCA outs on most decoders, you'll enjoy pristine, wide-ranging audio with virtually no noise.

Denon DN-500AV Surround Preamplifier at a Glance:

  • The right way to distribute audio in a large facility
  • Flexible I/O for easy integration
  • Key lock feature protects your setup configuration


The right way to distribute audio in a large facility, your audio equipment is rarely adjacent to your video gear. So how do you take a digital HDMI signal, split the video to your projector, and send the audio to your speaker system, all without introducing lots of noise due to long cable runs? The DN-500AV is your solution - it supports 5.1 or 7.1 surround sound on balanced XLR outputs, which means you can run audio cables wherever you need without sacrificing top-notch sound quality.
Flexible I/O for easy integration

Whether you're setting up a multimedia museum exhibit or designing an impressive home theater, the DN-500AV has you covered with flexible input and output options.You've got six individual HDMI inputs, with one output to pass video through to your video system. You also have two analog component video inputs and one output. You can conveniently play media directly from portable devices and USB memory, and you can even stream audio and pictures over a network.

Key lock feature protects your setup configuration

Once you've gotten the Denon DN-500AV dialed in for your installation, the last thing you need is some well-meaning passerby fiddling with buttons and changing settings. Thankfully, Denon included a key lock feature for the front panel.

Denon DN-500AV Surround Preamplifier Features:
  • High-quality surround sound decoder and preamplifier
  • Takes an HDMI or component input, and splits the audio outs to balanced XLR outputs
  • Can play media directly from portable devices and USB drives, and can stream audio/pictures over a network
  • Front panel key lock feature protects your settings
  • Can be controlled remotely via RS-232c or IP
  • Infrared remote control included
  • 4U rackmount kit included
Distribute surround sound audio with top-notch quality, with the Denon DN-500AV!


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