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Eve Audio SC2070

Compact 2-way monitor with an extra-large Air Motion Transformer sets new standards for detailed reproduction of high and mid-range frequencies

Compact 2-Way Monitor with An Extra-Large Air Motion

The SC2070 utilizes a newly developed Air Motion Transformer RS7, which is the largest AMT used in a 2-way monitor. This AMT allows for exceptionally detailed resolution of high and upper mid frequencies, making this monitor the perfect tool for mid-sized professional recording studios as well as home studios where quality is paramount.

Combination Of SC3070 AND SC4070 In A Compact 2-Way System

The SC2070 combines the eminent technologies of the SC3070 and the TEC Award-winning SC4070 in a compact 2-way system. The brand-new Air Motion Transformer RS7 represents a new level of innovation. RS7 has been specifically developed for SC2070 to achieve a crossover frequency at 1800Hz that is astonishingly low for a 2-way monitor. The diaphragm area is 1.5 times larger than that of the tweeter's membrane used in SC207. High and upper midrange frequencies are reproduced with unparalleled precision and resolution, revealing smallest nuances.

An optimised, low-resonance enclosure with a reinforced front baffle houses the Air Motion Transformer RS7 and a 6.5" SilverCone woofer, as well as the amplifier unit with a total output power of 250W. Intelligent protection mechanisms prevent the drivers from overload. The bevelled cabinet edges reduce sound diffractions.

All adjustments can be made via the SMART-knob, which is a trademark of all EVE Audio studio monitors. Thus, a variety of improvements to the respective room situations can be made in the easiest way possible from the front of the studio monitor. On the strength of the combination of these technologies, the SC2070 offers unmatched performance for its compact size with maximum impulse fidelity.

Dimensions (WxHxD) [mm] 230 x 345 x 304

Dimensions (WxHxD) ["] 9.05 x 13.58 x 11.96

Free-field frequency range (-3dB) 38Hz - 25kHz

Tweeter AMT RS7

Woofer 165mm/6.5"

Max SPL per pair 116dBspl

Output power (woofer) 150W

Output power (tweeter) 100W

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