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Alesis Prestige 88-key Digital Piano w Graded Hammer-action Keys

88-key Digital Piano with Hammer-action Keyboard, 16 Voices, 128-voice Polyphony, Lesson Mode, Recording, Metronome, and Sustain Pedal
4365 Alesis in Lebanon and Egypt


High-quality Digital Piano for Rehearsal and Live Performances

Whether you’re a fledgling performer or a seasoned veteran, the Alesis Prestige 88-key Digital Piano is a fantastic tool for both the practice room and the concert stage. Beginners and anyone looking to brush up on their playing chops are sure to benefit from the Alesis Prestige’s powerful learning features, with a Lesson Mode that gives teachers and students simultaneous access to the keys and a Recording Mode for tracking and listening back to the nuances of your playing. After you’ve honed your skills, the Alesis Prestige’s 16 voices and 128-voice polyphony make great companions on the concert stage, made even better by Layer and Split Modes to combine and separate voices, respectively. Sweetwater keyboardists love that the Prestige also comes with a sustain pedal and a handy music rest, two required accessories for pianists of all skill levels.

Powerful tools to take you from beginner to master pianist

The Alesis Prestige boasts plenty of onboard features to take your playing from “Chopsticks” to Chopin in the blink of an eye. With Lesson Mode engaged, the Prestige splits all 88 of its keys into two identical zones, making it easy for students and teachers to watch each other and play together without needing to take turns at the helm. Once you’ve mastered your lessons and pieces, Record Mode comes into play, recording your performance and playing it back through the Prestige's onboard speakers with crystal-clear detail. Perhaps best of all is the Prestige’s metronome, an invaluable tool when learning the ropes of your instrument and nailing critical aspects like rhythm and timing.

Everything needed for stellar live performances

Once you're ready to hit the stage, the Alesis Prestige has you covered with everything needed to dazzle and delight audiences. There are 16 unique voices that cover a wide array of keyboard instruments for many different play styles, with Layer Mode to combine any two voices in unison and Split Mode to play them separately. There’s even a high-quality reverb onboard the Prestige, with five different types to find the perfect amount of wash for your playing. And thanks to its 128-voice polyphony, you’ll never run out of notes for even the most technically demanding of piano pieces.

88-key digital piano that’s great for learning and performing alike

Premium hammer-action keyboard with adjustable touch response provides a lifelike playing experience

Keyboard can be divided into two zones with the same pitch and voice, making it ideal for lessons

16 onboard voices can be split or layered to add spice to your performance

Onboard reverb adds depth and dynamism to your playing

Great-sounding integrated speakers

Built-in metronome for developing rhythm and timing

Record Mode enables you to record and play back your performance

Headphone output mutes the internal speakers for private practice

Includes sustain pedal, music rest, and power adapter


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