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Steinberg Cubase Pro upgrade 11 to 12

Audio/MIDI DAW Software Suite - Mac/PC, VST2, VST3

Production Tools That Pros Trust

Used by pro-level producers, composers, and musicians worldwide, Cubase is one of the most reputable DAWs in the industry. For Cubase Pro 12, Steinberg streamlined workflows with more control customization options than ever, new instruments like the Verve felt piano, and fresh functions and plugins including mixing support for Dolby Atmos and tools lifted straight from Steinberg’s powerful Nuendo postproduction software. Cubase Pro 12 includes a vast array of VST processors and instruments, along with a useful cache of sounds and samples. An undeniable top-shelf software package, Steinberg Cubase 12 Pro gives you everything you need to turn musical inspiration into studio-quality productions.

32BIT vstis is not supported

Cubase Pro 12 does not support 32-bit plug-ins. Cubase 12 licensing is now fully digital and no longer requires a Steinberg USB authorization key. Please contact your Sweetwater Sales Engineer for questions or information.

MIDI Remote integration: MIDI Remote scripts are revolutionizing production workflows — map functions to your MIDI devices for faster control

VariAudio with Scale Assistant: Improved precision pitch editing for both processed and organic vocal corrections

Audio to MIDI chords: Groundbreaking drag-and-drop Chord Track lets software automate MIDI recreations of audio files, great for study, inspiration, and more

FX Modulator: A robust multi-effect modulator hub for adding texture and depth to sounds

AudioWarp improvements: Correct audio and timing issues with fewer clicks than in previous Cubase versions

Workflow improvements: Updated workflow functions and command keys

Raiser: This new Cubase limiter is a flexible dynamics processing tool that’s useful for mastering

Sample accurate volume automation: Incredibly precise automated sample volumes independent from the buffer size

Logical Editor improvements: Expanded Logical Editor for customized and empowering command and control setups

Verve: A timely new felt piano sample suite that adds the dreamy warm intimacy of felt-padded keys to your bag of tricks

Dolby Atmos tools: Full mixing support for Dolby’s Atmos surround sound system right out of the box

Postproduction perks: Several new features borrowed straight from Steinberg’s powerful Nuendo postproduction program

Full digital licensing: Say goodbye to Steinberg USB authenticator keys, it's all digital now!

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