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Steinberg Cubase 9.5 PRO DAW Recording Software (update from 9)

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Audio/MIDI DAW Software with Unlimited Audio and MIDI Tracks, Notation and Scoring Functions, 73 Plug-ins, 8 Virtual Instruments, and Over 3,000 Instrument Sounds - Mac/PC

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Steinberg Cubase Pro 9 DAW software balances creative inspiration and technical prowess. Whether you're recording audio or sequencing virtual instruments, Cubase Pro 9's workflow makes it easier to maintain your creative edge while building your project. Updated Key and Drum editors allow for faster, more intuitive MIDI editing. Store and recall program settings and preferences with the Profile Manager. You can even collaborate with musicians around the world with VST Transit cloud collaboration. Steinberg Cubase Pro 9 makes one of the world's most-used DAWs even better.

Steinberg Cubase Pro 9 DAW Software at a Glance:

  • What's been updated in Cubase Pro 9
  • Cloud collaboration with VST Transit
  • Retrologue 2 - a formidable synth just became more powerful
  • Import tracks from existing projects
  • Customize your Cubase Pro experience with Profile Manager

What's been updated in Cubase Pro 9

With Cubase Pro 8.5, Steinberg aims to make advanced music creation easier than ever. Many Cubase fans we talk to at Sweetwater rate the MixConsole as one of their most-used tools, and its dynamic hover mode has been improved to make it even better. Both the Key and Drum editors have been updated to make it faster and simpler to create and edit MIDI data. Cubase 9 also provides more ways for you to set up sessions and share data between them: the Profile Manager allows you to store and recall program settings and preferences, and you can pull tracks from existing projects with just a few clicks. Version 9 also adds the Retrologue 2 synthesizer plug-in, as well as zPlane Elastique v3 time-stretch/pitch-shift tool.

Cloud collaboration with VST Transit

Aiming to help musicians create together, Steinberg Cubase Pro 8.5 includes access to the VST Transit cloud collaboration service. Upload your project to cloud storage, and it can be downloaded anywhere in the world. Built-in messaging makes it easier for musicians to communicate about the project. Out of the box, VST Transit gives you 500MB of free storage space on secure Amazon AWS servers and 1GB of free traffic per month, with more available with a VST Transit Premium account.

Retrologue 2 - a formidable synth just became more powerful

Many electronic musicians using Cubase have made Retrologue one of their go-to software synthesizers, and Retrologue 2 is even better. A third oscillator has been added for fatter, more complex sounds. Polyphonic LFOs and an additional envelope give you more creative modulation options. Factor in five new effects, and you'll see that Retrologue 2 packs incredible sound design potential. Over 400 new presets are included to show you what Retrologue 2 can do.

Import tracks from existing projects

Once you've got a track dialed in just the way you want, Cubase Pro 8.5 makes it easy to import that track into a different project. Import all of that track's settings and content either as new tracks or to replace existing tracks. Cubase Pro 8.5 will create new TrackVersions automatically, so you can quickly revert the track to its previous state if you wish. Track importing makes it simple to borrow elements from existing projects and can save you a lot of time in both production and mixdown.

Customize your Cubase Pro experience with Profile Manager

Cubase Pro 9's Profile Manager makes it easier than ever to recall your preferred program settings. You can store and recall keyboard shortcuts, color sets, and much more, allowing you to load your preferred settings into any Cubase Pro 9 workstation.

Steinberg Cubase Pro 9 DAW Software Features:

  • 32-bit floating-point Steinberg audio engine records at sample rates up to 192kHz
  • Professional tools such as 5.1 surround capabilities, flexible routing, and full automatic delay compensation
  • Unlimited track count no matter what you're recording - audio, instrument, or MIDI
  • MixConsole integrated EQ/dynamics channel strip modules for sound and workflow
  • Make music with 8 stellar virtual instruments with over 3,000 sounds
  • 73 high-end audio and 18 MIDI VST effect processors for professional project editing
  • VCA faders clean up your workflow with single-fader control of complex group mixing and automation
  • VariAudio gives you MIDI-like editing control of audio tracks, audio-to-MIDI functions, and vocal tuning
  • Chord track and chord pads make composing easy and flexible
  • Integrated professional music notation and score printing
  • Included audio and MIDI VST effects processors:
    • Quadrafuzz v2 distortion
    • VST Amp Rack
    • VST Bass Amp
    • REVerence convolution reverb
    • Voxengo CurveEQ
    • and many more


  • Included instruments:
    • HALion Sonic SE 2
    • Padshop granular synth
    • Retrologue 2 virtual analog synth
    • LoopMash 2
    • Groove Agent SE 4 drum machine
    • and others for over 3,000 sounds

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